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Tai Chi -The Combined 48 Forms DVD with Dr Paul Lam


Product Description

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Tai Chi - The Combined 48 Forms DVD

Approx total duration: 5hrs

The Powerful Synergy from 4 Major Tai Chi Styles

Synergy is the creation of a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts. Like combining eastern and western medicine, the outcome is greater than the sum of both. This is one of the ingenious combination sets composed by Professors Men and Li; it has a uniquely powerful flow and energy.

I have discovered so much from practising the set over forty years. Knowing Chen, Sun, Yang styles and other combination sets, enables me to appreciate how beautiful it is. I hope you will spend time working on this set with me. Like good wine, it tastes better with time.


  • Step-by-step detailed and in-depth instructions 

  • Close-ups, repetitions, different angles and foot prints to facilitate learning 

  • Demonstrations (front and back on views) of each section and the entire set

The Program

Section 1

Form 1 - White Crane Flashing Wings

Form 2 - Brush Knee

Form 3 - Single Whip

Form 4 - Playing the Lute

Form 5 – Roll Back and Press

Form 6 - Parry and Punch

Form 7 – Stroking Bird’s Tail

Section 2

Form 8 - Lean Diagonally

Form 9 - Fist under Elbow

Form 10 - Repulse Monkey

Form 11 – Turn Body and Push Palm

Form 12 - Playing the Lute

Form 13 – Brush Knee Punch Down

Section 3

Form 14 – Snake Flashing Tongue

Form 15 – Subdue the Tiger

Form 16 - Parry and Punch

Form 17 – Lowering Movement Threading Fist

Form 18 – Standing on One Leg

Form 19 – Single Whip

Section 4

Form 20 – Waving Hands Like Clouds

Form 21 – Parting Wild Horse’s Mane

Form 22 – Higher Horse

Form 23 – Heel Kick Right

Form 24 – Punching Ears

Form 25 - Heel Kick Left

Form 26 – Cover and Punch

Form 27 – Needle at the Sea Bottom

Form 28 - Fan Back

Section 5

Form 29 – Toe Kick

Form 30 – Brush Knee

Form 31 – Step Forward to Punch

Form 32 - Apparent Closing Up

Form 33 – Waving Hands Like Clouds

Form 34 - Parry and Punch

Form 35 - Fair Lady Works at the Shuttle

Form 36 - Step Backward Threading Palm

Section 6

Form 37 – Press Palm in Empty Stance

Form 38 - Lifting Palm and Standing on One Leg

Form 39 – Horse Stance Thrust

Form 40 - Turn Body Roll Back

Form 41 – Lowering Movement Upward Palm

Form 42 – Step Forward Seven Stars

Form 43 – Step Backward Riding Tiger

Form 44 – Turn Body with Lotus Kick

Form 45 – Drawing Bow to Shoot Tiger

Form 46 – Parry and Punch

Form 47 – Stroking Bird’s Tail

Form 48 – Cross Hands

Closing Form

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