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"The Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD is like having Dr. Lam as your personal instructor with no distractions from others. His teaching is easy to learn especially when he breaks down a movement into smaller parts. I love the front-on and back-on demonstrations so you can follow along. I've tried learning from other DVD's but got sooooo confused. There is no confusion with Dr. Lam. Just take the break down of a movement one at a time and practice, practice, practice."
 - Bob Parsons - Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I love your book Teaching Tai Chi Effectively. I couldn’t put it down. I continue to re-read this book to refresh my thoughts and my spirit. I would also like to add that the book helped me engage all the different learning styles in my class. There are so many positive aspects of this book. Thank you for investing your time in writing this and in sharing it with us."
- Viola Everett – Monroe, Michigan

"I have been practicing Tai Chi since September of 1993. Since I have moved several times and could not always find an appropriate Tai Chi Teacher or group, I began using Dr. Lam's dvds and books. I tried a few others but feel that Dr. Lam's products are the very best and the dvds are a wonderful way to use for practice when a group is not available. I feel like I have a friend practicing with me. Thank you, Dr. Lam."
- Bunny Schmidt, Largo, Florida

"Congratulations Dr Lam and your team, this one is another winner. I have had several clients ask for a specific Tai Chi set for Osteoporosis. We as leaders know that Tai Chi for Arthritis is very effective and safe for osteoporosis when practised as recommended, but this DVD gives some very good information from respected doctors and from Osteoporosis Australia that will definitely help clients to understand their condition and how the set can help with management."
- Maree Lamb, Toowoomba, Australia