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36 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi


Product Description

36 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi

sophisticated spiral force; softness complements hardness and fastness intermixed with slowness
Duration: 100mins.

36 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi is well balanced and contains all the essential principles of the original Chen style Forms.

The step-by-step instructions are given by Dr. Paul Lam, who also demonstrates the complete set from both front and rear views.

  • Combined expertise and teaching experience of internationally recognised experts
  • All movements shown from front and rear views and in close up

Name of the Forms
1. Opening Form
2. Golden Guard Stamping Foot - Right
3. Leisurely Tying Coat
4. White Crane Flashes Wings
5. Step Diagonally Forward & Twist Step
6. Lift Knee and Withdraw Hands
7. Forward Block
8. Cover Hand and Punch with Fist
9. Double Push Hands
10. Punch Underneath Elbow
11. Repulse Monkey
12. Step Back and Press Elbow
13. Left and Right Parting Wild Horse"s Mane
14. Left and Right Golden Cock Standing on One Leg
15. Six Blocking and Four Closing - Right Style
16. Single Ship - Left Style
17. Moving Hands Like Clouds
18. High Pat Horse
19. Left and Right Patting Foot
20. Kicking with One Leg
21. Fists Draping Over Body
22. Back Twist with Shoulder and Elbow Punch
23. Green Dragon Emerging from the Water
24. White Gorilla Offering Fruit
25. Six Blocking and Four Closing - Left Style
26. Single Whip - Right Style
27. Double Stamping Feet
28. Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles
29. Beast"s Head Pose
30. Dragon on the Ground
31. Step Froward Seven Stars
32. Step Backward Riding Tiger
33. Turn Body, Lotus Kick
34. Forward Cannon Punch
35. Golden Guard Stamping Foot - Left Style
36. Closing Form

Product Reviews

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  1. The Greatest Tai Chi Master 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2012

    The greatest Tai Chi master next to a live teacher. Wonderful front- and back-on views, compact but yet comprehensive explanation and close-up views. Basic Chen techniques are explained in the beginning. I learnt Chen as a child in Chenjiagou but abandoned it for a long time. This video relived my knowledge.