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56 Forms Chen Style Tai Chi


Product Description

*NOTE: This DVD is no longer available. An updated version of Tai Chi - Chen Style 56 Forms is now available as Online Streaming Video: Visit Dr Paul Lam Online Tai Chi Lessons (


Chen is the original Tai Chi style reflecting its martial art origin and techniques,  It is artistic and rich in combat technique. as well as characterized by soft and vigorous movements combined.  It features dynamic punches, internal power and spiral force (chan ssu jun).

Created by Professor Kan Gui Xiang, the set is widely practiced around the world and featured by major competitions.  This stunning set captures the essences of the original first and second classical routines as taught by the great Chen Fake.  It is challenging technically, and recommended for advanced practitioners who have done the 36 Forms or other Chen style set.

1. Commencing Form
2. Right Golden Guard Stamping Foot
3. Leisurely Tying Coat
4. Right Six Blocking and Four Closing
5. Left Single Whip
6. Double Punches to Both Sides
7. Protecting Heart with Fists
8. White Crane Flashing Wings
9. Step Diagonally Forward and Twist Step
10. Lift Knee and Withdraw Hands
11. Forward Block
12. Right Cover with Hand and Punch with Fist
13. Fists Draping Over Body
14. Back Twist with Shoulder and Elbow Punch
15. Green Dragon Emerging from the Water
16. Slicing with Palm
17. Jump Turn to Press Down with Palms
18. Turning Flowers from Sea Bottom
19. Left Cover with Hand and Punch with Fist
20. Left Six Blocking and Four Closing
21. Right Single Whip
22. Right Waving Hands Like Clouds
23. Left Waving Hands Like Clouds
24. High Pat on Horse
25. Right Double Cannon Punches
26. Left Double Cannon Punches
27. Flashing Back
28. Green Dragon Emerging from the Water
29. White Gorilla Offering Fruit
30. Double Push Palms
31. Middle Winding
32. Forward Trick
33. Backward Trick
34. Right Parting Wild Horse's Mane
35. Left Parting Wild Horse's Mane
38. Fallen Lotus
37. Left and Right Golden Cock Standing on One Leg
38. Repulse Monkey
39. Step Back and Press Elbow
40. Slapping Feet
41. Kicking with One Leg
42. Turning Flowers from Sea Bottom
43. Punching Ground
44. Turning to Jump with Kick
45. Double Stamping Feet
46. Heel Kick
47. Fair Lady Working at the Shuttles
48. Smooth Elbowing49. Firecracker Well Wrapped
50. Dragon on the Ground
51. Step Forward Seven Stars
52. Step Backward Riding Tiger
53. Turn Body, Lotus Kick
54. Forward Cannon Punch
55. Left Golden Guard Stamping Foot
56. Closing Form

Product Reviews

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  1. Best DVD for learning the Chen Styles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Dec 2018

    I recently purchased Chen Style tai Chi 56 Forms DVD. After a few years of struggling to learn and remember the Chen Style 83 Forms with a local Tai Chi master and not getting anywhere, I searched everywhere for DVDs and classes which might help me learn the Chen Style movements which I found were hard for me to learn and yet I was not going to give up without trying my hardest to achieve my goal.
    I spoke to Dr Paul Lam in person at a recent Tai Chi for Arthritis workshop at Wollongong and he very kindly reassured me that it was possible for me to learn the Chen style despite it being a harder style to learn.
    I purchased these two DVDs and this is the best investment I have made as I now know that I have the best teaching DVDs to help me fulfil my goal.
    The DVDs are excellently paced at a speed which was easy to follow; well sequenced; clearly demonstrated from different angles; using an excellent Chen master as a role model; good and well paced explanation of the positioning of each stance. This are the most valuable gift to myself as I can see myself succeeding to achieve my goal which will take a long time to achieve but that is what learning Tai Chi is all about …time and patience. Thanks Dr Paul Lam for a very well-structured DVD.

  2. 56 Form Chen Style 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jun 2013

    This DVD is the best I have come across as the form by form movements are clearly demonstrated by Master Kam and explained by Dr. Lam. Very easy to follow and highly recommended to those interested in the Chen style.

    Many thanks to Master Kam and Dr. Paul Lam

  3. I am loving the Tai Chi DVDs/videos that I am getting here! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2013

    I have gotten some really good Tai Chi DVDs/videos from this site, and all of them have been great. I especially love this DVD, the practice is very clear and easy to follow, and very relaxing. I
    feel great after doing this!