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Tai Chi Sword - Yang Style 32 Forms


Product Description

Tai Chi Sword - Yang Style 32 Forms DVD 

Suitable for people who have learnt the 24 Forms or another tai chi set.
Duration: Approx. 4 hours

The sword is a beautiful extension of Tai Chi. The holder of the sword is often thought to have the spirit of righteousness. The inner energy and harmony with tai chi add more power and beauty.

The 32 Forms is created to complement the most popular set, The 24 Forms. It contains all features of Yang Style tai chi as well as extension of the powerful qi through the sword.

  • Learnhow to extend the soft yet strong qi power from the mind to the body and then the sword.
  • Step-by-step detailed and in-depth instructions.
  • Close-ups, repetitions, different angles and foot prints to facilitate learning.
  • Demonstrations (front and back-on views) of each section and the entire set.

Product Reviews

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  1. Another detailed quality learning DVD 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2020

    Like all Dr Lam's videos this takes time to teach the form slowly and carefully. Plus there are interesting chapters either side of the main teaching section.
    Sometimes it is a little difficult to follow as with all the DVDs when Dr Lam wears black trousers it is sometimes hard to define which leg is doing which action.
    Also with this sword form I could use a little more detail on how the hands hold the sword and how the wrist turns. But these are very small details.
    Overall a great teaching DVD.

  2. The Challenge of 32 Sword Form 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jun 2020

    When I saw that Dr Lam had added 32 Sword Form to his DVD collection, I immediately jumped at the opportunity!
    Although I have only had this DVD for about a month, I am absolutely, thoroughly enjoying the challenge associated with the expansion of movements through the sword and the subtleties of wrist movements.
    I have found the small bite-size lessons both easy to follow and encouraging. Loving it!

  3. Tai chi sword: Yang style 32 forms 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jun 2020

    Having Dr Lam describe and demonstrate the moves throughout made the presentation very consistent. The educational method used throughout the dvd made it easy to follow because one knew how each segment would flow. The demonstrations of the whole form both front-on and back-on were really beneficial to promote both understanding and provide an easy-to-follow sequence for the beginner to learn how the different moves flow into one.

    A technique used in other dvds by Dr Lam, that of orienting the beginner to positions on a clock face would have made it easier to know in which direction to step. Sometimes it is a little difficult to determine when watching the dvd what the orientation should be because the descriptions for each move are a 'front on' view.

    On my copy, there was no sound when Dr Lam is teaching the 'Needle of the compass' but it was still possible to follow the different moves. The biggest contrast was the duration of the form when Dr Lam demonstrated it back-on: 3 minutes and 10 seconds compared with the earlier version of the 32 forms which took around 4 minutes 55 seconds. Probably because of my age, I prefer the slower version but it did give me something to aim for such as learning to sink my chi a little faster.